Monday, 30 April 2018

Signs and Messages from our Loved Ones

Since my mum was diagnosed and especially since she passed away, the topic of spirituality has been in the forefront of my mind.
I was christened a Catholic, was brought up by Catholic parents, and even went to a Catholic primary school. However, neither my mum nor dad were very strict and as we got older we started to go to church less and less.
I never felt like I was really a religious person. I was taught how to pray when I was younger, but if I ever did then I usually chose to talk to my grandparents who had passed, rather than to God himself.
We all seem to be bred to think that talking about death is a taboo subject. It's extremely sad and frightening to us, as it is the unknown, however it is unfortunately the only certain thing in life.
When you are faced with the possibility of losing someone you love, then suddenly you desperately want to know what happens next. Is there a God? Is there an afterlife?

I have always loved to find pennies on the floor. Ask anyone who knows me well, and I am always squatting down to pick up a shiny new penny that I spot....anywhere it may be! I loved the phrase 'see a penny pick it up, then all day you'll have good luck.'
Who knows where these little sayings originated from, but for me, if I find one then I genuinely feel luckier. My mum knew of my strange habit, and told me that white feathers are also meant to be lucky. They say that they are feathers sent down from an angel in heaven watching over you.

It's strange that it now feels more relevant than ever. My mum's family were also Catholic, but they all had a strong sense of spirituality. After my grandfather passed away when I was little, we had lots of little signs and what we believed to be messages from him. My grandma had a plant which would never flower when it was supposed to, however if a family event was nearing or if there was a problem in the family healthwise, then a flower would always suddenly appear out of nowhere.
Also, when my cousin was little and first started school, he very matter-of-factly went home and told my auntie that he had grandad sitting next to him all day.

Now I am very aware that we do not know if these are actual signs or whether they are merely a coincidence. However, if they bring someone who is grieving comfort, then what is the harm?
I'm sure that we all love the idea of having guardian angels and knowing that our loved ones can still protect us and be with us.

Before my mum passed away, she told me that she believes that a great love cannot just disappear. She told me that if there is anything after we pass, and there was a way that we can communicate and leave signs, then she would. I told her that it must be through pennies and feathers.
Now, each time I see a white feather in my path, then I have a better day. A few months ago I even found a beautiful white feather sitting in the hallway of my house. I hadn't left the house that day and I had hoovered and cleaned, so where did it come from? To me, it was my mum telling me that she is still around. Whether it is or not, I feel happier and am able to cope better, so that is all that matters.
I put the feathers that I find into picture frames so that I can keep them and be reminded.

It really is the small things in life that matter, and the strangest things can bring someone hope, courage and happiness.

I would love to hear if anyone has any similar thoughts or stories x
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