Tuesday, 20 November 2018

5 Simple Self Care Ideas

Self care isn't selfish.

This is something that we often need a reminder of. Wanting to spend money or time on something that will enrich your life and feed your soul, calm your mind and nourish your body is everything but selfish.

There is a well known quote that says 'You cannot pour from an empty cup'

This is pretty self explanatory, but you have nothing to offer others and the world when you are not full yourself first. You give to others with your overflow.

Therefore I wanted todays post to offer up a few ideas for self care practises and share little things that have helped me to feel a little brighter and calmer during the darker days.
These are nothing revolutionary but I have definitely found that it is the small things that seem to help the most.


Just having a beautifully smelling candle on in the room can work wonders. It instantly makes a room feel cosy, and warmer, and the scent should either relax you or lift your mood.
There is also something about the flickering flame that I find to be calming too.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are incredibly powerful on the mind and inhaling their aromas can stimulate a part of our brain that plays a role in emotions, behaviours, smell and long term memory.
Some of the most calming essential oils (although you will need to test out which works best for you)
are said to be Lavender, Rose, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Chamomile and Frankincense.
A great way to use these as well is in your bath.

Walking In Nature

This is something that I have found to be hugely beneficial for my mind, and I should take my own advice to do more of.
Simply walking amongst nature is wonderfully healing. The time it gives you think clearly with no other sounds and technology around, the fresh air, the release of endorphins from exercising your body and the chance to notice the beauty all around us.
Not only this but it is actually believed that the essential oils emitted from the trees and plants in a forest, called phytoncides, actually can be beneficial to our health and appear to improve the function of our immune system.


My dogs were a real lifeline to me after my mum died. They gave me an important reason to get up in the morning and their beautiful happy faces every day just instantly made me smile.
They are so wonderfully loyal and can sense when you are feeling sad, and sit right by you or on your lap.
There is a reason also why there are so many therapy dogs and animals out there and are even taken into some hospitals and hospices. Did you know that being in physical contact with animals can actually lead to the body producing oxytocin, a hormone that reduces the levels of stress hormone cortisol.

Five Senses Technique

This is a simple technique that is used to bring you into the present moment, and to help with anxiety and panic attacks. I was never taught this, but actually have found myself naturally following the routine when I need to feel calm.
Take a moment to run through each of your five senses and note what you are experiencing.

What can you see?
What can you hear?
What can you feel?
What can you smell?
What can you taste?

When taking a walk I actually like to sit on a bench for a moment and run through these questions. We miss so much around us in our hectic day to day lives.

You can also use these senses to create a calming environment for yourself at home when you need it. For example, pop on your favourite feel good film and then your most cosy pajamas and a soft blanket. Burn a beautiful candle and make yourself an indulgent hot chocolate.
All of your senses are being filled with home comforts and should make you feel safe.
Of course you fill each one with what works best for you.

I hope that these may helpful, remember that the little things all add up and you appreciate them so much more when you are going through a difficult time.
Take time for yourself and do not feel guilty for it.


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