Monday, 12 November 2018

Post Crying Makeup Tips

When I have been crying, it is blatantly obvious. Red swollen eyes, blotchy cheeks and chest, a Rudolph nose as well.
During the first few months after my mum died, this was pretty much my daily reality and look. I needed to cry, and always felt a tiny bit lighter afterwards. In fact it is scientifically proven that the tears you cry from grief (emotional tears) contain stress hormones that are excreted from the body, and the act of crying itself stimulates the production of endorphins, our 'feel-good' hormone.

So even though this is a vital part of the healing and grieving process, there were days when I didn't want it to be so obvious. Days when I needed to leave my hibernation and show my face, and preferably a less blotchy one.

Therefore I thought it may be helpful to share my skincare and makeup tips on how to cover the redness and reduce swelling from post crying. I am a professional makeup artist, so luckily had some good ideas and I hope these may be of help.

Cold Water

I would start by splashing my face with some cold water, which will instantly refresh your skin, and constrict your blood vessels, therefore reducing redness.

Facial Mist 

Use a beautiful smelling facial mist that will help to rehydrate your skin, and lock in moisture. Floral waters are also wonderful at soothing skin too, especially rose water.

Cold Compress

To help with reducing the swelling around your eyes, you need to apply a something cold. A great way to do this is with a jade roller, to massage the area and encourage drainage. However an old school alternative is to use two teaspoons that have been in the fridge or freezer and to place one under each eye, with a gentle pressure.

Facial Massage

To further encourage drainage and also to help to relax your tense facial muscles, try applying a facial oil and massaging this into the skin as you apply. Always use upwards and outwards motions, and take a moment to focus on breathing and taking in the scent.
The oil will also add a beautiful glow and radiance to your skin, bringing it back to life.


Once you have applied your foundation (if you like to wear any), then take a minute to add a little more coverage around your nose and around your eyes. This is where there may still be a little redness and especially if you need to continue to use tissues when you are out.
Pop a little concealer in these places and if you are worried, just take your concealer with you in your handbag for any extra top ups.

Bright Lipstick

Why not add a bright lipstick to your finished look? This always lifts my mood instantly, makes me feel more confident and 'put together', and also brightens my whole face up. It also can help to distract away from your eyes.

Finishing Touches

Wearing a bright coloured high neck top or dress, or even a scarf, can also help with disguising any red blotches on your neck and chest, and can stop them being seen if, like me, they like to show up when you are feeling anxious for any reason.
The bright colour will also brighten your whole complexion up.

I hope that some of these tips may be helpful. They are very simple, but I know the feeling of being worked up and then not being able to think logically.

Another note to leave on, is that it is important to know that it is ok if you do cry in public. I have always struggled with this and find it hard to even cry in front of people who I love and trust, but I have learnt that people are kind and sometimes it just needs to come out.
So if you have worked through all these steps and then been back to square one as soon as you leave the doesn't matter. You will still look beautiful.


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