Tuesday, 15 January 2019

What Mary Poppins Returns Taught Me About Grief

So it is now 2019, and I guess I should wish you all a Happy New Year.

If you are in a similar situation to me then this may perhaps be a difficult phrase to hear.
To me, when the clock strikes midnight it simply signifies that I am entering another year that my mum will never see; will never live in. It pushes me further away from her, with the fear of losing her a little bit more.

For a split second the dreaded wave creeps over me again, the feeling of sheer panic and deep sadness. But I have learnt to deal with that a little better nowadays, understanding that it will pass again.

If you felt the same way, or maybe are still struggling to get into a routine again and feel like you may be leaving someone behind heading into 2019, then I wanted to share something with you.

Now trust me with where this is heading....I went to see Mary Poppins Returns after Christmas and I completely adored it. I always have been in love with musicals anyway, and my mum was too, with us both having spent many years on the stage.
The magic within them and the stories completely transports me. The beautiful choreography and the music too. I am a complete sucker for it all, and admit that I enjoy living in a fantasy world for a while.
My mum also used to get called Mary Poppins because anything you ever wanted she would have in her handbag, it was quite impressive honestly!

So besides falling in love with the whole film and the characters, I was also really touched by how brilliantly the film dealt with the issue of grief.

For a little context Michael Bank's wife has sadly died, leaving him with 3 young children, (and without going into any detail so not to spoil it) Mary Poppins does return to look after them all.
One night Georgie, the littlest boy, is really missing his mum, and Mary sings them a song to get them to sleep.

I want to share the lyrics with you all on here as I find them just simply beautiful, and so comforting to hear as we start this new year.
It is such a cleverly written song and a wonderful reminder that nothing is ever truly lost.
Do take a read, and a listen, and please do let me know what you think.

It makes me tear up every time I hear it, but it is a perfect way to think about grief and loss, and a great way to explain it for any children growing up without a parent too.

Do you ever lie
Awake at night
Just between the dark
And the morning light
Searching for the things
You used to know
Looking for the place
Where the lost things go

Do you ever dream or reminisce
Wondering where to find
What you truly miss
Well maybe all those things
That you love so
Are waiting in the place
Where the lost things go

Memories you’ve shared
Gone for good you feared
They’re all around you still
Though they’ve disappeared
Nothings really left or lost without a trace
Nothings gone forever only out of place

So maybe now the dish
And my best spoon
Are playing hide and seek
Just behind the moon
Waiting there until
It’s time to show
Spring is like that now
Far beneath the snow
Hiding in the place where the lost things go

Time to close your eyes
So sleep can come around
For when you dream
You find all that’s lost is found
Maybe on the moon
Or maybe somewhere new
Maybe all you’re missing lives inside of you

So when you need her touch
And loving gaze
“Gone but not forgotten”
Is the perfect phrase
Smiling from a star
That she makes glow
Trust she’s always there
Watching as you grow
Find her in the place
Where the lost things go.


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